tisdag 27 maj 2014


My feelings are my own, 
They cannot be altered from outside. 
And as it occurred to me, 
That an action which is ineffectual, 
Thereby becomes meaningless. 
As the affection someone, 
You love them, 
And when you have nothing else to give, 
You can still give them love. 
With no roads left, 
That no man has ever set foot on.
No curbs that no one has ever sat on.
My drifting feet in desire to keep wandering
For now, you said, no shoes are required
For now, I can be your carpet wherever you go. 
Steps that keep increasing
The world needs to double the amount of shoes.
So many steps,
Running ahead, 
Continuing forward.
The effort of your struggle, 
Results in the fear of being unknown.
And the fear of selecting the shoes
That world didn’t choose.

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